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Project Description
A OpenGraphNET is a simple parser for the Open Graph protocol created by Facebook. More information on this can be found at

This was created since no libraries currently exist for OpenGraph in .NET.

For this initial version, I took a "get the job done" approach. Though more time is needed to research RDFa libraries in .NET so I can create a more
correct implementation.

Reading OpenGraph objects
It currently uses a SGML parser to read HTML and convert it to XML, then finds all the META properties of the webpage.

//sample reading
OpenGraphObject ogObject = OpenGraphLib.PopulateOpenGraphObject(""); 

Writing OpenGraph objects
You can populate an OpenGraph object with information, and output it as and html string.

//sample output of html meta tags

Here is a screenshot of the Demo application parsing a webpage and then recreating the meta tags.

That's it for now.

Additional information is available here: on my blog.

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